Channels - Introduction

Widok szczegółów podzadania


Channels are a place where you and your chosen group of users can exchange information without creating tasks. There are many examples of use:

  • An information channel for all employees, where you provide important organizational information,
  • A channel for loose discussions on any topic by employees. For example, information about a newly opened restaurant where you can eat good food, information about the sale of a car or an invitation to go to the cinema for a new film together.
  • Departmental channels - in many cases there is a need to ask questions to the entire department. The ideal place will be just such a channel. 
  • A channel with advice for employees, which can make it easier for them to use everyday tools.
  • A channel related to the project implementation. In project groups there is often a need to discuss issues related to project execution.


Within the channel, users can add posts. Each post can be commented on. Within posts and comments users can add attachments. 
There are two types of channels: public and private.  Public channels are visible for all users. Within public channels users can add posts and comments. Private channels are visible only to assigned people. Other people do not see such channel in the list.

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