Commissioning of graphics

Commissioning a graphic designer is a seemingly simple subject, however in order for each task to be carried out well it requires providing a complete set of information necessary for its execution. A large number of tasks and a multitude of types makes the whole process of reporting and verification of their progress difficult.


  • Ordering this type of tasks takes place mainly in the form of dozens of e-mails.
  • This type of tasks means a huge crowd of single orders to be completed, which negatively influences the organization of work.
  • Problems with tracking the progress of work and determining what is being done at any given time.
  • Email communication effectively hinders the arrangement of the action plan and finding relevant information.
  • Problem with publishing progress and accessing historical data.

Form for creating a task
Everything you need

Form for creating a task

Specially prepared form in accordance with the type of commissioned task will certainly simplify the whole process. In the example we will use the form to order a banner for a website. Needed data for the size, the product that the project concerns, the brand that we will use for the report and additional guidelines.

Phase breakdown
Divide and conquer

Phase breakdown

Regardless of how many people will be involved in the implementation, we can divide the work into individual stages so that the implementation process is clear to each user. In the example discussed, the task was divided into three stages.


  • Simplifying the task creating form.
  • Easy task search using advanced filters.
  • Speed preview of the progress of the tasks.
  • All completed proposals available in one place thanks to which you can easily compare the effects.

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