Find out how you can assist your IT department with issues related to reporting hardware faults or software problems.


Problem with handling multiple requests per email and dividing work to individuals.

Hard to find historical information.

Hard to verify progress of work especially for time-sensitive tasks.

Insufficient data in the request that would allow the problem to be resolved quickly.

Lack of ability to generate reports from tickets to draw meaningful conclusions.

Task creation form
Everything you need

Task creation form

In the task creation form, there are fields necessary to define the nature of the problem and to assign it to a person responsible for this part of the company's infrastructure operation.

Phase breakdown
Divide and conquer

Phase breakdown

In the case in question, the division into subtasks is not complicated and is based on two steps. The first belongs to a person from the IT department who solves the problem. The second stage is automatically assigned to the person reporting the task in order to verify and confirm the correct implementation.


Fast and versatile way to report bugs.

Possibility to view the progress of tasks being performed.

Easy access to historical data that can contribute to faster problem resolution.

Complete information needed to solve the problem.

Easy access to historical data that can help solve the problem faster.

The ability to generate a report showing which areas of the IT infrastructure are causing the most problems.

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