Taking care of ergonomics and work efficiency it is worth to remember about automation. There are many items that can perform automatically saving your team time or taking care of cyclical items.

Repeated actions

Repeated actions

Each of us certainly has tasks in our duties that we have to repeat every certain time. Now you can easily define them to be automatically created inside the application. Thanks to this the system will take care of them and you will be able to free your mind from unnecessary worries.

Your personal assistant
Everything under control

Your personal assistant

The more topics you have, the harder it is to see each of them at the right moment. Using the dashboard, you can separate elements by projects, teams or the status of their implementation. Thanks to this, you can quickly check what is currently happening in your company and react at the right moment. A multitude of dashboards will allow you to separate areas for individual activities.


Accurate task ordering

Using task templates you will be able to quickly create new tasks based on the given scheme. In this way the tasks will always have the necessary set of information needed to solve them. In addition, the task will be automatically divided into individual stages, involving the appropriate people and sending them the necessary information in the form of notifications.

Always up to date


At any time you can set a reminder related to a task or a specific date. All with just a few clicks. The system will automatically notify you at the right time so that you don't miss important dates. And that's not all - you can also introduce a status dependency so that you won't receive a reminder for already completed tasks where you don't have to take any action.

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