Increase productivity through process standardization

One of the most important aspects related to improving the quality of work is the implementation of uniform company procedures. This is an important step in achieving success. It not only speeds up work, but additionally brings order and awareness to your team.

Tracking progress
Everything under control

Tracking progress

By moving processes to the Fortask app, you'll be able to track their progress at any time. Thanks to the statuses, you can easily determine what the progress of the task looks like, and the due dates will allow you to quickly verify if the final date is at risk. Additionally, all communication regarding that specific task is available in one place.

Reach perfection
Focus on development

Reach perfection

What is important is that if after executing a given process you come to the conclusion that it requires changes, you can introduce them right away. Each subsequent occurrence of the process will be implemented in a new way. Thanks to this you will be able to refine the procedures so that they perfectly fulfill their function.



Remember, the great value of process standardization is that every task of a given type is performed in the same way. This creates repeatability, which improves efficiency, increases employee awareness, and allows you to make improvements based on experience.

Start with the basics

Start with the basics

The processes that can be transferred to the application are many. To start, we'll start with the simplest one that occurs in every company - granting leave. Your employees will no longer have to fill out paper applications. You will organize the whole thing directly in the application. You just need to prepare a simple template and make it available to employees. Each employee will enter the required data when applying for leave, and the supervisor will be able to give approval and pass the information to HR to complete the information in the reports. All this can be done in a few simple steps. Additionally, you do not have to be in the office - everything can be done online.


Complex procedures

A more complex example might be the entire process of implementing a new product. It is a procedure consisting of many stages. Each of the stages may be presented in the form of a subtask with an assigned responsible person and a deadline for completion. A set of information and clear division of responsibilities in this topic will certainly ensure smooth execution. You do not have to limit yourself in the division of activities. You have unlimited possibilities. In addition, you can also determine the order of execution of individual steps so as to ensure maximum efficiency.

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