Automation as the first step to success

Using the application you have the possibility to define automatic forms, which will be used by particular people in the company. Each employee can have access to different forms, which makes it easy for you to assign different processes to different people.

Estimate and draw conclusions
Work planning

Estimate and draw conclusions

Estimating the execution time at the outset, individual issues are analyzed, any problems that may occur are brought up. Thanks to this task realization becomes easier. In addition, after completing the work by comparing the estimated time with the one that was actually used, you will be able to determine whether the estimation went well, and if not, explain why. All of this will ultimately result in success in better work organization.

Work as a team

Work as a team

The ability to break a task down into smaller steps that can be completed by different people strengthens teamwork skills. During the implementation of individual elements, you can also invite outsiders who can actively participate in the discussion and verify the progress of work on their own.


All tools at hand in one place

The Fortask application is not only a project management tool. The list of available modules also includes: chat, channels and calendar. Thanks to these elements you will be able to resign from additional applications and concentrate the whole team in one place. You will save time and gain even more efficiency by gaining an effective communication channel.

Ensure the correct sequence of work
Systematization of work

Ensure the correct sequence of work

Take advantage of the ability to set the order of the work to be done so that each stage is completed in a timely manner. This is undoubtedly important, especially when subsequent stages depend on the results of previous ones. In the case of dynamic tasks, the sequence of work can be constantly modified to maintain full flexibility.

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