Manufacturing company

See how to streamline work in a manufacturing company while providing a connection between the office and the workshop.

Information exchange

Information exchange

When running a manufacturing company you have to face a difficult task - information exchange between office and physical workers. This is hard because these people work in two different environments which further isolates the teams. With the use of channels, you can pass messages to all employees at the same time. The additional element of allowing comments and reactions will allow you to have a discussion and will have a positive impact on interdepartmental integration.

Matching labels

Matching labels

The production stage is divided into many steps related to the activities that are performed at each step, such as welding, degreasing, painting. Thanks to labels you can create any scheme consistent with the whole process. Using them in the task you can easily set the state in which the element is currently.


Practical solutions

Once the labels are configured during production, all the employee has to do is drag and drop the item under a specific label, thus giving the information that the next process is about to start. Such a mechanism comes down to one click, so it does not require additional implementation of the team.

Separate workspaces

Separate workspaces

By creating a work environment in the application, you can plan it so that each team has its own project space and performs its tasks directly in it. This will facilitate the search for information as well as the work itself. It is also worth remembering that each of the spaces can have a different path of action - in accordance with the applied practices.

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