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October 9, 2023
Case Study Community Self-Help Center

Automating simple daily activities is the key to saving time and, consequently, working more efficiently. Recently, employees of the Community Self-Help Center in Mosina - a day care center for adults with disabilities - have found this out

September 10, 2023
A guide to process mapping - everything you need to know

Surely you are wondering about the topic of process mapping and how it affects the business? This is usually of particular interest to owners and managers. If you are in this role and are experiencing chaos in your business despite using procedures, then you definitely need a process map.

July 18, 2023
SCRUM in a Pill

Almost everyone has heard of the SCRUM method, a popular set of principles used in software development. But what if your company does not produce software? Can SCRUM still be useful for you? The answer is "YES!"

December 19, 2022
What to do in order to avoid hiring another employee?

If you are in the group that is not yet feeling strong negative effects, but you need additional hands to work, then, surely, you are asking yourself now: to hire or not to hire?

November 21, 2022
How to protect a company from the "Great Resignation"?

Difficult times and crises can affect companies in different ways. Even if companies are operating in the same industry, employing high-level professionals, they face the same types of problems, such as high prices for services, availability of materials or logistical problems. Why does this happen?

October 17, 2022
A simple SMART methodology – here's how to delegate tasks effectively

As in any method, details are important. In this aspect, the SMART method is no different from the others - follow these simple guidelines and everything will become obvious. Read the following article to learn how Fortask can help your company apply this methodology in practice.