Innovative Local Government - Mosina Municipality with Fortask implementation project with distinction!

The Mosina municipality received an honorable mention in the urban-rural municipalities category of the Innovative Local Government competition organized by the Local Government Service of the Polish Press Agency.

About the competition: 

Innovative Local Government is a project of PAP's Local Government Service, in which the most innovative local governments are awarded. The purpose of the competition is to promote creative local governments and inspire other local government units to take innovative actions.

The subject of the competition is the descriptions of implemented projects sent by local governments, and the main criteria for evaluation - innovativeness on a national scale and the results of the solutions applied.

How did it start in Mosina? 

Communication within an organization is crucial for efficiency and effectiveness in action. Not only companies see this, but the Mosina City Hall has also recognized it. Tasks that are carried out on an ongoing basis and over a longer time horizon - they all need to be coordinated and aligned with the team's ability to work. This frees up time that was used for extended information retrieval.

In order to make efficient use of time, the Municipality of Mosina has been using a work management solution - the Fortask platform - since spring 2023 (first on a test basis) and now already in the implementation phase.

Mosina Municipality Mayor Dominik Michalak about the platform:

“From the perspective of the Mosina Municipality Management Board - the organization of work, ordering and monitoring of tasks carried out by more than 100 employees of the Mosina Municipal Office gathered in a dozen departments, divided into two buildings in two locations requires an appropriate form and an effective tool. This is not easy, which is why we were looking for an effective and at the same time simple and developmental solution that would be able to gather people in one place, assign them tasks and monitor the status of their implementation at any place and time, have knowledge of the progress of their implementation or threatened deadlines for their execution. An additional aspect we took into account when choosing a tool to support daily work was the results of management control, which indicated the need to improve the process of information flow and communication in such a large team. Such a solution turned out to be the Fortask application, which, thanks to cooperation with a local entrepreneur operating in the IT industry in the Mosina Municipality, allowed us to provide and adjust the tool for our Office and, in the perspective, also for the organizational units of the Mosina Municipality.”

Currently, in addition to the Municipal Office in Mosina, the application has been very well adopted in the Community Self-Help Center in Mosina. A case study has been created on this subject, which describes the good practice of using this tool. The full text can be found here: Case Study Community Self-Help Center

Jakub Modrzynski, the manager of the Community Self-Help Center in Mosina:

“Today's work system is dynamic and demanding, and that means you have to go with the times. The card-and-pen approach or simple email correspondence has become ineffective. Working with people with disabilities, this dynamic grows even more, with many new situations emerging that need to be responded to quickly. Thanks to the tool, the standard processes and model of our work have been able to prioritize and create a clear structure. New tasks are easily assigned to specific people. Even being out of the office, there is not the slightest problem with decision-making and the current flow of information. Also noteworthy is the possibility for the caregiver to “preview” the day - this is convenient for each party and gives, for example, the parent a sense of control over what is happening with his child. The staff, on the other hand, can focus on other important activities, thus saving time.

Importantly - it didn't take us long to launch the process. From the very beginning we knew what effect we wanted to achieve, and this made the implementation work much easier. The cooperation from the very beginning was exemplary. Without the support of Fortask's implementation team, we would not have achieved our goal, and certainly not in such a short time.”

Łukasz Fiszer
May 28, 2024

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