October 25, 2019
Combustion chart as a way to improve task estimation

What exactly is the Incineration Chart and why is it so important for the functioning of the Scrum team?

October 8, 2019
How to start a team and encourage to work?

It is no secret that a motivated team can achieve greater successes. When everyday duties cease to be an unpleasant necessity, you will immediately notice an increase in efficiency. The problem is that there is no one golden method to achieve such an effect.

September 27, 2019
Task management alternative to e-mail application

For each profession it is important to organise working hours appropriately. Anything that distracts us from our daily duties has a negative impact on our productivity. As it turns out, e-mails belong to this disgraceful group. But do companies - large and small - have an alternative?

September 13, 2019
Sprint as a basic tool of the Scrum methodology

Sprint sets the beat for the Scrum team. What does the Sprint goal definition look like in practice, and what are the benefits of using it?

September 2, 2019
Daily Scrum - a tool to improve team communication

When running Sprints, the principle is to carry out daily meetings, not exceeding fifteen minutes. All team members and Scrum Master take part in them. During the discussions, tasks that are waiting for team members on a current day are usually discussed.

August 21, 2019
The Scrum Team - roles and responsibilities

How to get to know the Scrum team? The textbook definition lists at least three roles needed for Scrum development: Product owner, Scrum Master and Development Team. How to divide their responsibilities and when to combine specific items will be described in a few paragraphs.