Channels - Channels view

After entering the subpage with channels we can distinguish two main areas. On the left side there is a sidebar, where you can see a list of all the channels we have access to together with a search engine. At the very bottom there is also a button for creating a new channel.

Pasek boczny


The right side is the area where all information about the selected channel is displayed, starting with the avatar, name, type and description of the channel.

Informacje dotyczące kanału
Channels informations

Below you will find a menu where you can view posts, members saved to the channel and user activity showing what individual users have done.


Below is an area where we can read posts and comments. The list of posts is sorted in ascending order, so the latest posts are shown at the bottom of the area. At the bottom of the window there is an area where you can place content and add your own posts.

Pole dodawania postu
Posting field

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