Features - Project roles

Project roles

Thanks to our App you can create projects without any restrictions by grouping them in folders. Multi-level project structures are acceptable, where access to a given project is different for individual users. Four different user roles can be distinguished:

  • observer - this user has access to the project and can participate in the discussion, while viewing the tasks (except the private ones).
  • applicant - this user can add tasks to the selected project. Additionally, he/she has the access to all observer's privileges.
  • performer - this user can be selected as the person, who is in charge of execution of given task and / or subtask. Additionally he/she has the access to all applicant's privileges.
  • manager - this user can change tasks details, deadlines, performers, accept or deny tasks to carried out or manage the daily work schedules. Simultaneously he/she has the full access to all functions within the assigned projects.

Such role structure allows you to easily assign the correct access for each type of the user in accordance with the level of involvement in project execution.

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