Fortask Advanced Features

Thanks to the multitude of functions you can adjust the application to your requirements, regardless of whether you work with a small team or run a large company. Go to a higher level of management in your company.

Project management

Manage projects in a convenient way having all tasks in one place. Thanks to this you will be able to quickly check the progress of work and verify who is responsible for what.
Create projects, assign access to individuals, and start implementing them.
Assign tasks to individual employees
Divide complicated tasks into smaller parts by separating the work.
Task templates
Move processes out of the business and gain efficiencies
Acceptance of tasks
Keep your hand in and decide which tasks can be completed.
Additional fields
Create dictionaries with data that you can use in an assignment.
Completion date
Set a deadline for completing tasks and subtasks.
Arrange the work according to a schedule so that the order of completion is not random.
Place any type of attachments in before and after tasks.
Cyclical tasks
Automatically have work done on a recurring basis.
You can duplicate the task and assign a new user to complete it gaining time.
Mark important tasks as highlighted to make them even easier to reach.
You can link items together if they refer to the same thing.
Create simple to-do lists without creating new tasks.
Define your own labels and use them directly in your application.
Project statuses
Set the project status, which will determine what actions are possible.


Browse the tasks in any way you like.
List of tasks
Standard task list view in table form with customizable appearance.
Task table
If you prefer you can use kanban to conveniently view the data.
Configure widgets and customize your desktop for your needs.
Work plans
Schedule work within defined time frames. Track employee occupancy.
Conveniently view tasks directly in your calendar.
User activity
View user activity in a simple list format.
With advanced filters you can search the lists in any way you want.
Search engine
Use the advanced search engine to find assignments, comments or posts.


Communicate with your team directly in the app using comments, chat, group messages or posts.
Provide information to all employees or to selected groups in the form of posts.
You can communicate directly with any user in a one-on-one conversation.
Group chat
Create conversation groups and discuss with multiple people at once.
Exchange information in the form of comments.
Set reminders so you don't forget important events.
Use the reactions in posts and comments to express your opinion in a simple way.
Stay up to date with in-app, email and push notifications.


You can manage access to projects, influence application performance or workflow. All available directly in the application panel.
Manage users by assigning them editing privileges.
Map departments from your company as user groups and manage them easily.
You can decide which features will be available to which users.
Access to projects
Assign access to projects to individuals with different levels of permission.
Create private tasks that can only be accessed by the people involved.
Configure status flow for tasks in individual projects.

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