Features - Notifications


Absence at work, a business trip or a long meeting forces you to spend a few hours later to catch up? Relax, the notification module will make this task easier for you. We offer three types of notifications:

  • System,
  • E-mail,
  • Push.

System notifications - appear directly in the application in the form of pop-ups from the bottom left corner of the program. If you miss a notification, you can check the list of notifications in the header.

E-mail notifications - notifications sent via E-mail address. They contain a summary of what you missed in the application. E-mails are sent every four hours from the first change you missed.

Push notifications - they are sent regardless of whether you are currently using the Fortask application. In addition, we offer the option of enabling push notifications on smartphones and tablets.

The notification module, in addition to the possibility of selecting the type of notifications received, also allows you to define which activities in the App are of interest to you. Find out, how to use notification settings, below:

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