Description of changes from August 29, 2022

New action buttons

In order to improve the ease of use of the application on mobile devices and computers we are taking steps to unify the appearance. As a result new action buttons have appeared. In the lower right corner you will see a + icon. When you click or tap on it the functions available on this page will appear. Options dedicated to the currently viewed part of the application can be seen on top, e.g. on the desktop you will see the option to create a new widget or desktop and for the calendar to add an event or a new calendar.

In those parts of the application where additional settings are available, a dedicated icon with three dots will appear.

Inviting users

The possibility of inviting users has been added to the app. You can simply enter the email address and the rest of the process is carried out by the user. By doing so, we no longer need to add this data as the administrator.

New capabilities are available in the management panel for guest accounts and user management:

Managing notifications

A number of our users asked for the possibility to manage the Fortask’s notification interval.

There are two options. Administrator can set global default value for the app in: manage -settings -general – notifications.

The second option is to set options personally by clicking on user’s avatar - settings - notifications tab



Available options depend on the selected plan. For the Premium plan minimal time interval can be set for one hour; for standard it is two hours and for the rest it is four hours.

Tabs on notification list

For easier work with notifications we have introduced a separation for three tabs: all, unread and highlighted. As a result you can manage your notifications list a lot easier.

Other changes in notifications

Here is a list of added types of notifications.

If you use recuring tasks you get a notification every time the system creates a task for you

You will get a notification when authorized users add a subtask in the task of which you are the reporter

These types of notifications are also available at notification widget in type of notification filter.