Description of changes from August 16, 2021

Add posts to your feeds even faster

A button has been added to the list of postsóin the feed so you can create a post without having to go to the pop-up menu.


More control over posts in feeds

The feed module has been expanded to include sections, which will allow you to sort feed posts by topic. You can add sections from the channel popup menu if you are a manager. When you click on it, use the Add Section option.


In the modal window, just enter the section name, confirm and you're done.



The section will be available in the feed list when you select a feed. Two more will automatically appear: Unassigned - containing posts without a section and All - with all posts without a section.

In the channel settings as a manager you can also decide whether section selection is required when adding/editing a post.


More precision in naming tasks

Using task templates you can define name templates, which will allow you to standardize task naming. From now on, there are additional variables available in the name template - day, week, month, word month, year.

Copying checklists when duplicating a task

Ability to copy checklists when duplicating a task. Copy mechanism is available as an option to be checked in the modal window during the task duplication.