Description of changes from April 10, 2022

Knowledge base

From today a new module Knowledge Base is available. This module allows you to create documentation in the form of text files with picture attachments. Documents can be sorted in folders. Access and ability to edit individual elements can be defined directly in the given spaces. Additionally, documents can be searched using the search engine, which also looks for given phrases in the content of the document. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the new module. If you have additional questions, please contact your account manager. The module is available in the Premium plan.


The new module allows you to share files with other users beyond the space in the tasks themselves. You can create any directory structure and place files in it. In addition, each space can be separated for other people, so you can maintain the privacy of shared resources. The module is available in the Premium plan.


From now on, you can use the Guest Account module. For example, you can interact with customers directly in Fortask without having to purchase an additional user license. You can choose which projects a guest user will have access to. The guest user can view tasks from the assigned projects while observing what's going on inside and give his opinion in the comments. The module is available in the Premium plan.


The basic element of the module is a list of employees divided into companies and departments. A business card of each employee enriched with information such as phone number or responsibilities will certainly come in handy many times, especially for new employees. In addition to the list itself, you can also present the structure of the company in the form of a graph with the supervisors. An additional element is the ability to introduce a building map with the location of an employee at his/her desk or even listing assigned parking spaces. The module is available in Standard and Premium plans.