Preparation of the project structure - how to deal with it?

As we know, not from today's perspective, efficient work depends to a large extent on the order and thoughtful arrangement of individual elements. This principle applies to virtually every area. Starting from the accounting office, where the documents concerning individual clients are placed in appropriate binders to the law firm, where the documents are placed in appropriate folders, allowing quick access to the most used ones. In each of these cases we can refer to them as projects - in the case of accounting the project can be a binder or a bookcase, and in the case of a law firm the project will be a folder with documents. Regardless of the industry, it always affects the efficiency and pleasure of doing your job. Even in everyday life, this principle applies - even in the case of kitchens and necessary utensils.

When referring directly to the project management application, it is very important to think carefully about the division into projects. The correct division will help us to better organize our work and make it easier for us to perform our duties, so it is worth thinking about it for a while. In principle, there is no golden rule about just dividing your work into projects. It depends on how we carry out our tasks. It is so individual that even when comparing two companies operating in exactly the same scope, it may turn out that each would choose a different form of division into projects.

Turning to specifics, I will use an example of an interactive agency. Let's assume that the agency is active in social media. A team of a few people is still working on a fanpage, additionally dealing with advertising in Adwords. In such a situation it will be most convenient to create one project called Marketing. In it, we will place the next tasks related to particular orders. This form will be convenient both for people doing their job, they will work within one project, and additionally for those ordering.

Of course, one common Marketing project does not exclude additional projects created in connection with a specific client or the execution of an unusual order. For example, let's imagine a situation in which we realize broadly understood marketing for a client, but additionally we got an order to build a new website. Due to the fact that many tasks will be commissioned as part of the creation of a new website, the project is long-term, it will make sense to create a completely new project for this very purpose.

In case of Fortask application, one more important aspect should be taken into account - project permissions. I will refer to the situation presented above. The Marketing project has been granted access to people who deal directly with these topics. Whereas programmers, graphic designers and decision makers have been assigned to the project related to the implementation of the new website. In this arrangement, projects contain tasks directly related to the profession of employees, which allows to maintain order and order. Moving around such separated projects will certainly be more intuitive - even if we have to go back to the already closed project a few years ago. 

As you can see, the division itself is not easy and can be a bit complicated for people who are just entering the world of task management. However, there is nothing to give up. Even if you don't manage to get the optimal division in the first approach - don't worry. You can make corrections and improve your project structure at any time.

Łukasz Fiszer
February 11, 2020

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