Improving the efficiency of task solving through task templates

A day should have 48 hours and a week should have 14 days - certainly such an idea has passed through the head of many entrepreneurs or employees, when a multitude of tasks seems to be uncontrollable. If we want to get out of this loop of eternally chasing deadlines, we not only have to change our attitude, but also look for more effective methods of work organization. An interesting solution may turn out to be task templates.

Time is money! A popular saying has as much coverage as possible in reality, because everyone will be able to estimate how much it costs an hour or a whole working day. Under a multitude of duties literally every minute of our schedule can be worth its weight in gold. In such cases we start to look for new, more effective time management techniques. First of all, however, you must realize that the overwork caused by the piling up tasks is only a result of your ill-considered organization of the day. Unfortunately, this is the easiest way to burn out. Why make life difficult for yourself when many of your daily tasks can be automated? You can entrust this task to sentence templates.

Task templates as an antidote to overwork

The social life of a human being is created by strictly defined rules, governed by appropriate schemes. It is similar in business, because proper recognition of the nature of our duties is the first step to relieve the burden on the schedule. It certainly happens that you do the same things several times a week or even a day. So what is the point of repeating a given activity many times, when in fact the procedure can be simplified?

When you create tasks you duplicate the schematics adding the same stages of execution or requiring appropriate information from the client. Thanks to a dedicated solution, you can define a list of necessary data required to add a task and a list of subtasks to be automatically added. In this way you save time for yourself and your employees. First of all, you relieve them from the obligation to add sub-tasks appropriate for each of the stages of the task and force the customer to provide the necessary data. As a result, a person who performs a particular stage has a complete set of necessary information and does not waste time on searching. 

You can define the tasks in the template:

  • data required to be completed when creating a new task
  • a list of sub-tasks that will be automatically added

Benefits of introducing templates

A template is the automation of certain processes. Entrusting these tasks to a program relieves the human mind of an additional problem caused by, commonly speaking, sclerosis. The program makes mistakes much less often (or not at all) than the human being. Template also means introducing repetitive procedures, which are easier to implement when there are even personnel changes. The company will be more resistant to various types of personnel perturbations, and the training of new recruits does not take so much time.

Thus, you or the whole team retains greater flexibility for potential corrections in action. At the same time, in this way we obtain scalable effects and, most importantly, you have more time for yourself. You don't have to waste your day on subordinate activities, while more important duties are just around the corner.

Łukasz Fiszer
November 15, 2019

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