How to start a team and encourage to work?

Sentence templates, daily reports and agile methods in a modern company are of no use if the employees are not motivated enough. Unfortunately, today's work is associated by many Poles with unpleasant duty and exploitation, even a modern form of slavery. This false stereotype, repeated like a mantra, probably led many employees and employers into black despair. Consequently, when we think about greater motivation, we first recall financial issues - high salaries and bonuses. As it turns out, however, in a modern enterprise this is far too little.

Money is not everything

This is well illustrated by the "Polish Motivation Map 2.0" report from 2016. Apart from a sufficiently thick portfolio, satisfaction and involvement of employees is influenced by many more factors. The first place was taken by simple appreciation of work and achievements. An employee whose progress is not noticed will be confirmed by the belief that he or she is performing insignificant activities. If that is the case, why should we contribute to them? In addition, the sense of employment security and prestige of the company were also frequently mentioned.

Many analyses and research indicate that the possibility of development in company structures can be very motivating. This is particularly true for younger and more active employees. Investment in time and employee skills is the greatest added value, and the prospect of promotion can effectively encourage to work. Moreover, the more competences an employee has, the greater his usefulness on various positions, and nothing has such a demotivating effect as taking the same position for years. Sooner or later fatigue and tiredness will appear, leading to burnout. Most of the employees want to develop, so it is worth to create the conditions for it.

Friendly atmosphere

How to motivate the team when the bad atmosphere makes us want to jump out of the window? First of all, we should take care of proper communication. Both the official and unofficial ones, that's why it's so important to keep your free time. Moreover, we must not introduce a climate of unhealthy competition. Get to know a good employer by skillfully resolving conflicts that will always occur regardless of intentions.

At the same time, every effort must be made to combat bullying or denunciation. This is not the PRL, where everyone had an eye on everyone, and a big brother watches over everyone. Surprisingly, it may also turn out how much the "decoration" of the workplace will have an impact. Grey concrete, or relatively bare walls, is a direction that should be avoided. Adequate lighting or a lot of greenery can make you feel good. It is worth remembering this especially in autumn and winter, when the signs of depression are the most noticeable.

Many modern companies pay a lot of attention to the general arrangement of space and thus to the appropriate use of every square metre. A versatile cafeteria or relaxation room with a billiard table or PlayStation console will make your employees more familiar with the workplace. Besides, nothing motivates as well as the fast "trumpet" of our supervisor in the Tekken fight.

First of all, health

It's easier to motivate people to work when they're healthy. Human body mother nature has designed to travel long distances, so staying in constant motion. Therefore, spending eight or more hours a day in a sitting position is a kind of contradiction of our nature. This applies especially to programmers, copywriters and other professionals who spend whole days in front of a computer screen. Anyway, not only our spine is exposed to serious problems, because it should be added to the diseases associated with circulation and sight defects.

In a healthy body, a healthy mind - employees spending their free time actively will be rested and thus more motivated to face new challenges. It is becoming increasingly common practice in large companies to organize collective tickets to the gym, swimming pool and to organize integration trips. Company bikes and scooters are also becoming more and more popular, as employees can use them to commute home from work, avoiding such unpleasant traffic jams or testing our patience to the limits of the possibilities of tram driving during rush hour.

However, before an entrepreneur thinks about physical activity among employees, he should first rationally manage the time of the whole team, so that free time does not absorb additional duties. Moreover, the example always comes from above - the boss cannot expect something from others if he does not follow certain rules himself.

Łukasz Fiszer
October 8, 2019

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