Users and groups

Reproduce different departments in the company using groups. For each group, you assign different roles for individual projects without the need of changing the settings for each user.

By adding a user, you have to configure the basic information:

  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • E-mail address,
  • Username.

Additionally, you can fill in:

  • Phone number,
  • Internal phone number,
  • Job post,
  • Job description.

As a result, the user's business card will be visible in the application to facilitate quick contact with him/her.

Each user can belong to many groups. Each of them can have different roles in relation to individual projects. Nothing prevents you from defining groups according to your own recognition. A group can be a department in your company or a task team for a selected project. How it will be configured depends only on you. In addition to the collective allocation of roles to projects, the group has one more goal - it can be a performer of the task. Particularly important is when the applicant does not know who, from a given department, should perform the assigned task - he/she then can select a group such as IT. In this situation, the group manager decides by indicating the performer for a specific task.

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