Features - Status


Certainly, you have often came across a situation where you do not know at what stage a given task currently is. This can be especially noticed in the case of assigning tasks through E-mails. Our application, to meet this problem, offers status. Here we distinguish two types: for a task, and for a subtask. The status of the task is particularly important for the applicant and he/she expects a specific result after implementation. On the other hand, the status of subtasks is useful for contractors. In addition, the status of the subtask clearly defines at what stage a given task is carried out.

List of task status:

  • canceled,
  • in progress,
  • to accept,
  • rejected,
  • complete,
  • returned,
  • waiting.

List of subtask status:

  • to assign,
  • suspended,
  • assigned,
  • waiting,
  • in progress,
  • complete,
  • returned,
  • confirmed.

The status of the task is related to the status of the subtasks. Some of them are set automatically. Below you can find out how does the status change look like:

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